Want to improve your arable yields but don’t want to mess around with sheep? Call me

With arable returns at their lowest ebb in a decade now is the time to think about cost cutting with alternative rotations incorporating grass and grazing cover crops to maximise organic matter. There are many farmers all over the country currently experimenting with these methods here are a few examples:

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Sheep farmer Rob Hodgekins and Arable farmer Jo Franklin team up to beat blackgrass by using a combination of break grass and cover crops and doing this together allows them to work to each others strengths. “The yield of this spring-sown crop was boosted by 0.5t/ha to 8t/ha last summer and all reached a malting specification of 1.45% grain nitrogen and was sold at £150/t” through grazing sheep.

More information on the Farmers Weekly website

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Arable Farmer turned sheep entrepreneur James Beamish has seemed dramatically improved yields of up to 1 tonne a hectare and has turned sheep grazing into a business by finishing store lambs. Store lambs are however effected by market fluctuations but his arable returns are improved regardless.

More information: on the Farmers Weekly website

Sheep can sometimes be stubborn creatures and now a-days come with all sorts of complicated EID regulations and for some keeping them might not be suitable.

We are able to offer flexible grazing services all over the South, our flocks are high-health low maintenance New Zealand Romney’s perfect for grazing in all kinds of conditions, with a network of contract shepherds doing daily checks we are able to operate with animal welfare at the core of the business and as we have all the equipment and experience necessary to manage flocks up and down the country we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re interested in exploring including temporary grass into your rotation for grazing or for developing a regular cover crop for grazing it’d be great to hear from you, please do email James@jpbwright.co.uk or call on 07856204233

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