Lambing round the corner!



Lambing is just round the corner with 300 ewes arriving back at base having spent the last 4 months grazing 160 acres of brand new grass on a large arable farm about 40 minutes away from Chichester. The weekly trek journey to move them, pick the fence up and then the routine of checking stock, changing batteries has eaten moral and the fuel budget; with any luck though we shall be invited back next year as our ewes have not only maintained condition but put on it on!


Once ewes arrive its time to Heptavac, this protects our ewes and their lambs against a variety of conditions that effect health and growth weights. We did a body score of the ewes and found the vast majority are 3-4 with some topping 4.5 and one or two around the 2.5, this is great news as going into the winter there were many of the lower end.


I picked up a new friend last week Sid is a 6 year old Collie who’s spent most of his life on a Cumbrian hill farm, he’s not as quick as he used to be and had started to struggle with the elevation changes. An easier life on the Downs will suit him well, within 10 days of him arriving he’s already confident in moving mobs of 200 ewes and hopefully will only get better. He does have a habit of finding the smelliest thing he can and rolling in it though…!

Lambing next month so watch up for updates!



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