Insect Farming? New job

This is now my fourth year of farming and I am still no closer to achieving my goal of having my own farm. I’ve now got the incredible opportunity to bring to life an idea that I had with a team of people to farm insects. I am now the Director of Value Creation (aka Director of Farming) for a company called Multibox. Multibox is an insect farming company based in Cirencester. Don’t worry you aren’t going to have to eat them, they’re used in animal feed. I’ve still got Sid, Mop, Dotty and the sheep, I just have a kindly friend who is doing the heavy lifting.
Why Insects?

With a rapidly growing population we need to find alternative sources of protein to feed the world, we also need to look at how we are using food waste and to close the loop in the circular economy. Insects provide this by converting food waste into protein which can be put back into the food chain. At the moment these insects are just licensed to be fed to fish and from next year you’ll be able to purchase insect meal for fish from us.


My role?

I am looking after Multibox’s farms alongside a crack team of entomologists and experts. Its a great opportunity to put practices you find in traditional agriculture into a different context. If you have any questions you can reach me at and media inquiries can be directed to

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